Framework for evaluating effectiveness of Human-in-the-loop or Human-on-the-loop

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HTL in Context

Human-in-the loop/ on-the-loop (herein referred as ‘HTL’) is a mechanism through which human intelligence is integrated in using or leveraging machine learning adoption, thereby supporting human discretion with machine activity/ outcomes. HTL is about two key factors (1) Design of Human-Computer Interaction and (2) Autonomy of Decision making. With increased…

GitHub contains pre-trained models that may contain inherent biases, and the absence of model scorecards will contribute to amplifying the bias for users who fork such repos.

Setting the context

GitHub is a prominent internet hosting platform for software codes and their version control. GitHub enables its 56 million users (organizations and individuals) to create repositories of their work on the platform for ease of access, version control and for sharing with or without a license (Apache…

AI Alignment and Safety

Multi-stakeholder feedback has its inherent flaws, hence, its best to treat them as ‘one of the means’ than an ‘as an end’ to establishing and maintaining Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

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Setting the context

Ethics is a system of accepted beliefs that guide or control behaviour of individuals or groups. Beliefs represent rational, truthful, factual view in some parts and their contrary in some parts in relation to the current time. The accepted beliefs may relate to social philosophies learnt from…

EU AI draft regulations may have an impact on fraud-prediction algorithms and may require review and refinement

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Fraud prediction models have existed for a decade or more, in financial services and emerging tech industry including e-commerce, its evolving slowly in multiple other industries for various used cases (eg. warranty fraud prediction)

A fraud or cyber security prediction model is a typical prediction model with a specific intent…

Litmus test for travel, mobility, and delivery service platforms


Travel (Ticketing), Mobility (Transport network and ride-hailing platforms) and Delivery service platforms have become a norm in recent years and needless to say that many of us are inherently grateful for their support in the COVID-19 times. With a deep tech foundation, integrated ecosystem view and efforts towards meeting customer…

There is a big piece missing in many organizations: building culture collaboratively to stand for principles.

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Timnit Gebru, an Ethiopian American, known for her progressive AI ethics research, who was Co-lead of Ethical Artificial Intelligence Team at Google, said in a tweet on Thursday that she was fired from Google for a research paper that highlighted bias in AI. While the AI ethics researchers and sociologists…

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